Bring Nature Back

Sustainably Harvested Manzanita Hardwood for Bird Perches, Bird Play Gyms and Manzanita Crafting

Manzanita hardwood is widely recognized as the eighth-hardest wood in the world. Our sustainable harvesting and off-grid solar facilities foster green production ideals while maintaining hand-crafted painstaking design to bring out the natural beauty unique to each piece of non-endangered Northern California Manzanita wood.

We harvest sustainable, non-endangered Manzanita from the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California; partnering with private land owners to harvest Manzanita wood that would otherwise be destroyed or burned to turn this beautiful wood into amazing one-of-a-kind pieces that can be enjoyed for generations.

Manzanita grows in natural color variations from deep red through browns and even gray and driftwood-like colors, making it a beautiful wood to work for art pieces and décor. Its natural color variations and beautiful wood grain striations are amazing nature-made works of art.

Manzanita is so hard, so long-lasting, that it can tolerate and outlast the usual wear and tear in an aviary or bird cage much better than a typical pine or oak perch. Manzanita is a non-toxic sweet-wood that is ideal for gnawing, chewing and teething not only for birds, but for other varieties of small animals as well. Rabbits and mice love Manzanita shavings to chew. Dogs love the sweet taste of Manzanita as well.

Cage Top Bird Perch

The natural width variations of Manzanita branches provides a nature-made perching surface that protects and exercises the feet of birds as would occur in their natural habitat; providing a variety of perching surfaces and textures to entertain as well as support bird’s health in their enclosures.

Manza Bird Products sustainably harvests Manzanita, and actively re-plants to help ensure this beautiful but slow-growing hardwood remains un-endangered and available to be enjoyed for generations to come.
Our off-grid manufacturing process relies on solar power and sustainable practices for everything we do; ensuring a small footprint for our Manzanita wood products.