Finding Our FOREVER Feathered Friend

Being that we make Manzanita bird perches, cage tops ,bird stands and much more , we are occasionally asked if  we also have a feathered friend. Our answer is “Ridgetop Ranch, home of Manza Bird Products has backyard chickens and hundreds of wild birds.” Some of my favorite birds are the Lesser Goldfinch’s, Anna’s hummingbirds,Western Bluebird,  Red-Snaped Sapsuckers (woodpecker) and the red shouldered Hawk( just to name a few of the birds we are blessed to share our piece of paradise with) but what we don’t have at this time is a feathered friend.

I have always had a love for the magnificent  Blue and Gold Macaw  but after talking to a few people with birds, I realized this bird was more than I could handle. So the search continues… but it made me think ,”What is the criteria for living with a forever feathered friend?”  Recently we  donated a few perches to Hurlin’s Parrot Rescue. I  became intrigued with how a rescue  works and why people have to give up their birds. I had my eyes opened up to the commitment needed to keep a feathered friend.  Tara from Hurlin’s Parrot Rescue said”Owning a Parrot is a lifelong commitment and unfortunately , many people buy a bird as a novelty without realizing they’re temperamental and require lots of interaction.” There are many great articles on their website that I found very informative. One important one was” What it’s like to live with Birds” by Tara Hurlin. Another good article was” Ten things that everyone must know before adopting a parrot”FullSizeRender(8) by Monica Engebretson.If you are also looking to find your FOREVER Feathered Friend, take the time to read these article  found on  their website.


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