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Sustainably Harvested and Hand-Crafted Manzanita Hardwood Products for Parrot Play Stands, Bird Toys and Manzanita Centerpieces and Decorating by Manza Bird Products

Manza Bird Products is a sustainable harvester of natural and non-endangered Manzanita hardwood located in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California.
Originally started in 1986, then handed down to us in 2004, we hand-craft our Manzanita bird perches from our 10 acre off-grid family farm in the beautiful foothills while sustainably harvesting and conscientiously re-planting Manzanita throughout the region.

We utilize each and every part of the Manzanita wood we harvest, from large branches for parrot play stands and aviary roosts and custom work, all the way down to the shavings and leavings to be put to use as chewing stuffs and bedding for rabbits and mice. Nothing ever goes to waste in our production process.

The Manzanita wood we harvest is rare, although the specific genus in our region is NOT classified as endangered; we still harvest in a sustainable way and replant throughout our region to ensure this beautiful wood will continue to thrive for future generations.
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