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Custom Manzanita Hardwood Perches hand-crafted and sustainably harvested

Our custom Manzanita items use our sustainably harvested Manzanita wood and hand craftsmanship to bring out the natural beauty of the hardwood in unique one-of-a-kind Manzanita perches to fit our client’s particular needs.

We can custom-make hand-made Manzanita wood bird perches to fit any size cage or aviary, in addition to our ability to create custom Manzanita perches and items to fit unique needs. Our clients, Manzanita wood distributors and customers regularly tell us of new uses they have found for this super-durable and beautiful natural hardwood.
We welcome your stories about how Manza Bird Products unique Manzanita bird perches, branches or custom Manzanita perches have been put to use in your home or aviary.

Whether you are looking for large bird perches for an aviary enclosure or Manzanita blanks for crafting or Manzanita cane-making, we can provide beautiful Manzanita wood for a wide array of purposes.

Custom Manzanita Bird Perch

Our clients have found amazing uses for our beautiful Manzanita wood

  • Hobbyists use Manzanita branches to create exquisite hand-made Manzanita canes and carved Manzanita items
  • Manzanita blanks can be transformed into any number of things – Manzanita toys, Manzanita keepsake ornaments and heirlooms, and any number of items
  • Manzanita display trees make stunning weddings centerpieces at big events and in homes as beautiful Manzanita décor.
  • Large Manzanita branches have been put to use in chicken coops to provide a natural roosting perch and chicken coop play centers.
  • Custom Large Manzanita Perches can be made to fit large aviaries and bird enclosures of all shapes and sizes for any species or variety of bird – large and small.

Contact us today to plan your beautiful Manzanita wood project.