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Finding Our FOREVER Feathered Friend

Being that we make Manzanita bird perches, cage tops ,bird stands and much more , we are occasionally asked if  we also have a feathered friend. Our answer is “Ridgetop Ranch, home of Manza Bird Products has backyard chickens and hundreds of wild birds.” Some of my favorite birds are the Lesser Goldfinch’s, Anna’s hummingbirds,Western Bluebird,  Red-Snaped Sapsuckers (woodpecker) and the red shouldered Hawk( just to name a few of the birds we are blessed to share our piece of paradise with) but what we don’t have at this time is a feathered friend.

I have always had a love for the magnificent  Blue and Gold Macaw  but after talking to a few people with birds, I realized this bird was more than I could handle. So the search continues… but it made me think ,”What is the criteria for living with a forever feathered friend?”  Recently we  donated a few perches to Hurlin’s Parrot Rescue. I  became intrigued with how a rescue  works and why people have to give up their birds. I had my eyes opened up to the commitment needed to keep a feathered friend.  Tara from Hurlin’s Parrot Rescue said”Owning a Parrot is a lifelong commitment and unfortunately , many people buy a bird as a novelty without realizing they’re temperamental and require lots of interaction.” There are many great articles on their website that I found very informative. One important one was” What it’s like to live with Birds” by Tara Hurlin. Another good article was” Ten things that everyone must know before adopting a parrot”FullSizeRender(8) by Monica Engebretson.If you are also looking to find your FOREVER Feathered Friend, take the time to read these article  found on  their website.


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Manza Bird ( and Pet) Products Specializes in Custom Manzanita Perches and Branches

image(2)Whether or not you are constructing a bird aviary, need custom Manzanita perches for your new cage or are building a new home for your two-toed sloth, using Manzanita is the perfect way to bring nature back to your pets home. Gus Gus( our fur friend two-toed sloth)  is shown here resting comfortably on his new Manzanita branches.

Manza Bird( photo 3and Pet) Productsdownload4 specializes in providing just the right Manzanita to complete your project.

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Newest “Happy MANZA Fans”

OPAL  and JELL-O - Manza fans!(1)Meet OPAL and JELL-O, our newest “Happy MANZA BIRD PRODUCTS Fans” We were given the honor of completing their new home with our Manzanita perches , swings and toys. Nothing makes us happier than bringing a bit of nature back to your feathered friends and then find out how happy they are with our products!!

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Meet Baby Grey, a beautiful Cockatiel, loving life on her new Manzanita bird perch. Baby Grey loves Manzanita because it not only exercises her feet due to the difference in diameters of the perch… it also is fun to chew.Freckles

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3 beautiful Cockatiel's

3 beautiful Cockatiel’s

Your bird is on their feet 24/7, so choosing a perch that will mimic natural conditions is essential. MANZA BIRD PRODUCTS is dedicated to bring nature back to your birds with our Manzanita bird perches. Birds do best if the perch has unequal diameters along the branch to exercise different parts their feet, so that is why Manzanita is the perfect choice for your feathered friends. If all perches are the same diameter , the bird will always be placing pressure on the same areas of the foot which can ultimately cause foot problems. PERCH DIAMETER IS CRUCIAL FOR THE HEALTH OF YOUR BIRD.Your birds foot should wrap around @2/3 of the perch… toes should never meet or overlap.See our sizing chart for the perch diameter recommended according to bird species. Keep in mind even birds of the same species may differ in foot size.




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Why choose Manza Bird Products or Quality Vs Quantity

I can’t help but notice all the new Manzanita Bird Companies springing up on the internet.Although I am sure there are a few companies that have a true appreciation for their products, I feel there are many companies out there that are all about the quantity and not the quality of their products.
Here at Manza Bird Products quality is our #1 goal.We have a real passion for the beauty and natural designs of Manzanita. Every piece we harvest is a new treasure to be relished. We hand make all of our Manzanita Bird Stands, Bird Toys, Cage Tops and perches with TLC. All our Manzanita is hand dremeled to remove any sharp spots, so your feathered friend won’t get hurt. We also value each piece of Manzanita. We utilize each and every part of the Manzanita we harvest from larger branches for aviaries & custom work, all the way down to giving the leaves to our lambs.
Our specialty is custom making perches for your feathered friends cage or aviaries. We pride ourselves in our customer service.We even like to send our clients pictures of their potential perches, to make sure it is what they want before we do the final cuts. This has worked beautifully for our clients and we especially love it when they send us pictures of their happy feathered friends.
Our off grid manufacturing process located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills, relies on Solar power and sustainable practices for everything we do,ensuring a small footprint in our Manzanita wood products.

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Three Happy Budgies

These three beautiful budgies, Dolce, Piccola, and Bellino are loving life on their new custom Manzanita perch. Check out our Facebook for the budgie stands, perfect for transporting from room to room.

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We are please to announce that Manza Bird Products will start putting pictures of your feathered friends and our perches  on our Website starting in January. Our first entry is a picture of George, a Red-Fronted Macaw … and a real beauty. We were contacted to see if we could replace a wooden dowel for a custom Manzanita perch with two bowls . The play stand base was still good so with a few e-mails we came up with this finished product and a happy feathered friend! Please send your pictures to

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Finding the right Perch for your Pet

Manzanita is a safe, non-toxic hardwood. Its natural curving and irregular shaped branches contribute to your birds healthy feet and overall happiness (very important for a bird that is on it’s feet all day). Bird perch diameter is the most important part of choosing a Manzanita bird perch . Your birds feet should rest on the top half of the perch. A perch that allows your bird to wrap its feet around the perch is too small.Using Manzanita bird perches allows your pet bird several different diameters on one perch, helping to exercise their feet and improve foot strength and dexterity. See our sizing chart for the diameter that is right for your bird.

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Cracks are not flaws

When considering purchasing Manzanita you must know that it naturally cracks. We have tried many different curing processes and some work on a small diameter branches while larger branches are almost impossible to keep from cracking, this is not a defect. At M.B.P. we deburr all large cracks for your birds safety. Larger pet birds do tend to enjoy picking at these cracks which helps control beak growth. Due to the nature of Manzanita, being the 8th hardest wood in the world, it is bound to crack. Many people have asked about the durability of the cracked wood where the hanger bolt is located, there is no need to worry because the hanger bolt is also glued in.


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