Bring Nature Back

About Manza Bird Products and our Mission to bring a “Nature” back to your Birds”

IMG_1306Manza Bird Products, is located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills,  in Northern California.
Originally started in 1986, then handed down to us in 2004 (when we purchased our 10 acre piece of paradise), we noticed just how much Manzanita was in our area. We fell in love with the beauty and durability of Manzanita, knowing then that this would be our mission statement … to bring a “Nature back to your Birds”.We have since made it into an  off-grid family farm, living  sustainably and  relying on Solar  for almost everything we do, ensuring a small footprint in our Manzanita wood products.

IMG_0313 We put our passion for this beautiful wood into every piece we create. Each branch of Manzanita wood is completely unique; sculpted by wind and the elements, into shapes only nature can create. We take care to work in a minimalist fashion with the wood, deciding what to make from any given branch based on its natural shape.  We think it best to leave each piece as natural as possible, as beautiful as nature created it, and find the best possible use for the wood based on each branches’ unique shape, size and beauty.

We utilize each and every part of the Manzanita wood we harvest, from large branches for aviaries and custom work, all the way down to giving the leaves to our sheep to eat.  Nothing goes to waste in our process.
The Manzanita wood we harvest is rare, although the specific genus in our region is NOT classed as endangered; we still harvest in a sustainable way and replant throughout our area to ensure this beautiful wood will continue to thrive for future generations.
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